CiLLL Outcomes

First CiLLL Summary Document: 

Comparison of education system, the job market, formal, non-formal and informal curricula in each country, exchange information.

First CiLLL Summary Document
First CiLLL Summary Document 
(Download English)

Second CiLLL Summary Document:

Good practices in Life Long Learning. Experiences to improve the training and counselling (especially for people in need: foreign, adults, drop out young people, migrants, disabled...).

Second CiLLL Summary Document
Second CiLLL Summary Document
(Download English)


  • Translation to Czech and Turkey of education glossary
Terminology of European education and training policy
(English, Spanish, Czech & Turkey)

  • CiLLL online course

  • Papers
- CiLLL paper: Spanish National Agency (OAPEE) publication (Spanish,  pages 27-31)
- CiLLL paper: "The Development of the New Approach to Guidance in Life-Long Education within the Grundtvig Project Counselling in Life Long Learning" (English)
- CiLLL paper: Zpravodaj paper - Euro Guidence (Czech, page 14)
- CiLLL paper: Euro Guidance website (Czech)

  • CiLLL in European Shared Treasure website
 - European Shared Treasure

  • Presentations and other documents

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